5 Things for Tuesday- Favorite jams and preserves

Tanya is hosting this challenge

Today she’s asked us to list 5 of our favorite jams/ preserves.

• Strawberry Jam

My all-time favorite is strawberry jam. It should have real fruit in it and be free from preservatives.

• Guava Jelly

I don’t think many people have tried this jelly. I was a kid when my grandmother came to visit us. We had a guava tree in our home loaded with fruit. She made the most marvelous jam from the fruit. I did try to make it myself but it wasn’t as good as hers.

• Plum Jam

Another favorite that is best when homemade. It is surprisingly easy to make and tastes great with bread, rolls, or croissants.

• Tomato Jam

This is a recent find. I tried tomato jam with buttermilk biscuits and it was an interesting flavor. Not sweet or savory, it was a perfect combination with those yummy biscuits.

• Mango Chutney

I don’t know if many people have tried mango chutney in the west, but in our part of the world, it is very popular. A bit sweet, a bit tangy, and a bit spicy. Goes so well with biryani and meat dishes.




26 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Favorite jams and preserves

  1. I’ve never tried chutney. It’s just not a ‘thing’ out here in the “Wild” West I guess… O_o And the ‘spicy’ is enough to probably stop me from ever trying any, because spicy and me don’t go together any more. Although I do like the subtle spiciness of the jalapeno jelly I listed in my own five. Thanks Sadje. Now I want toast and jam/jelly/marmalade or chutney! 😉

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  2. I love strawberry preserves! The tomato jam sounds intriguing. But you are right, it seems no matter how close we follow a recipe (if there is one) it never tastes as good as when grandma made it!

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