Daily Prompts- On tenterhooks

It is so exciting, today is the day

And yet the anticipation is muddied with

Fear that that aeolist may win the election again

People are on tenterhooks, awaiting the results keenly

This year has been extraordinarily difficult so far

And if this election result is as most people want it to be

I will vouch that there will be something to celebrate this time

There are lots of opinions on social media, people making noise

About their favorite candidates and party preferences

Let’s hope that peace and harmony prevail

As the results are finally announced

In response to the following prompts;




Social, Year, Noise





Word of the day challenge;




28 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- On tenterhooks

                    1. In Canada we vote for whomever we wish to represent us as our MP. The party that has the most MPs elected forms the government. I am still trying to wrap my head around electoral college and all the ins and outs of American politics. I must confess, I do not really understand it all. I’ve always been more interested in Canadian politics.

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  1. I haven’t looked at the news today. I’ve been avoiding it! The polls are still open on the west coast, and the results probably won’t be certified for some time… unless it’s a landslide win.

    Exceptional prompt weaving, as usual, Sadje!💕

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  2. great use of the prompts and perfect way to mark this day … according to the figures I’m seeing Biden is well ahead but not safe yet. All said above, the world waits with bated breath … this monster needs to be gone but doubt he will leave quietly!

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