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Some time ago, I asked you people about your views on the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress. You can check out that post here. When I asked for topics for discussion on Blogging Insights # 49,  Jennifer from Paperkutzssuggested a discussion on tips and tricks for using Gutenberg.


Can you share some tips and tricks for using the new Gutenberg editor on WordPress?

I am still trying to avoid the block/ Gutenberg editor. So while I do not have any tips to share with you all about this new challenge set to make things more difficult for the bloggers here on WordPress, I am reading the responses with great interest.

I blog solely from my phone and luckily, ( till now) that we have the option of un-enabling the block editor in the WP app settings. This option is available both on the android and iPhones.

I will continue to avail of this option till it is available. After that, I will try to learn how the new editor works and will make it work. There is another way around this editor, and that is writing your post on another program like MS Word and then copy-paste it on the blog.

Anyway, this is my meager contribution to this discussion.

Thank you Tanya for keeping this conversation going.



6 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Gutenberg Editor

  1. It’s a great answer, Sadje! For those who blog via their phones (I’m thinking of Fandango and his trials with doing that), it will be of great use! And if they force y’all to use that horrid editor, remember to choose the ‘classic block’ option. It’s similar to what we were using ‘before’ all the changes! I know you’ll overcome whatever they throw at you because you’re smart and willing!

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