Friday Fun- Beauty

Kate is the host of Friday Fun

we all see ‘beauty’ in very different ways …
I see it in nature, in kind hearts as it radiates out

please share your version of beauty 
link it back here then explore others interpretations


Superficial beauty fades with time

The beauty of a soul never goes away

It is embedded in the kind twinkle in the eye

It is hidden in the loving smile that encourages

It is in the hand that helps secretly without fanfare

We often crave the superficial glamour in the hope

That when we acquire it we will be beautiful too

Instead of this if we look and find that inner glow

That lights up our soul with beautiful thoughts




22 thoughts on “Friday Fun- Beauty

  1. An enjoyable read on a day when all good encouraging thoughts are welcome.
    We will not know our ‘vote’ results perhaps not even until the end of the week.
    I was happy to see a good turn out at the hour we went – it means people do want to be heard.

    Liked by 1 person

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