Daily Prompts – We all have a choice

We can choose to see an upset as an obstacle

Or consider it an opportunity to open another door

A storm can cause destruction but can also be a precursor

Of new life and growth after the old one perishes

We always have a choice in how we view our lives

Our vision can be of the wonderful that brightens the world

Or we can be overwhelmed with the dark of the horizon

I don’t mean to just pacify you with empty platitudes

But to show you a lucid dream that can very well be the reality

People ask, “What is the meaning of life?”

For me, it represents a fixed time allotted to me

That I can either spend in a way that benefits only me and mine

Or I can spend that time in a way that helps those around me

So that when I pass away, the deeds I did would be remembered

With kindness and smiles!

In response to the following prompts;




Vision, Wonderful, Brighten





Word of the day challenge;


Living our best lives;

The meaning of life

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