First in this week a very uplifting post from Ramya.

My Musings

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This post of mine is going to be my outlook on life and would be philosophical.

Just like this adorable panda who has got a comfortable basket, still eyes on a bigger wicker basket, we keep eyeing on better things in our life, while neglecting wonderful things that are already at our disposal.

To be happy or not is our choice.

Instead of cribbing about what we don’t have in life, let us focus on what we are blessed with. Whenever I face an obstacle/ all-consuming-distress, I think about people who are in a lesser position than me but are facing the difficulties and challenges that life bestows on them, with much more élan. This makes me realize how fortunate I am to have good supporting people around me, to have no physical/mental disability. This positive thought takes away the negativity and pacifies my soul.

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5 thoughts on “#322. HOW CONTENT ARE YOU?

  1. It has been a LONG time since bigger and better meant anything to me. I’m just trying to keep what we have from disintegrating through age and lack of repair money. i would love a SMALLER house without stairs, but the amount of money it would cost to sell and move makes it not worth it. Especially since this is not an expensive house and there’s no guaranteeing we could find something in the same price range in this area. So with all the hassles, I think we’re better off repairing this place. Stairs and all.

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