Daily Prompts & Sunday Writing Prompt – 1st November –It Was A Joke

Write your story this week that contains or make reference to a joke of some kind.


Do you think it is in good humor to play a prank

And after the fallout, claim innocently, it was a joke!

Laying a false trail of crumbs to lead someone astray

Laughing at their discomfort when they discover the mistake

It is an ominous augury if we start to enjoy the distress

Which our thoughtless jokes may cause others

It is not surprising that we cannot make friends

With the people on whom we play tricks on

A spoonful of wisdom, a pinch of kindness is needed

To sweeten the way we treat our comrades

Showing sympathy and kindness can give more joy

Than laughing like hyenas when we roast someone

I have also included the following prompts;




Crumbs, Garden, Think





Word of the day challenge;


Sunday Writing Prompt;

It was a joke




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