Blogging Insights- Sensitivity in blogging

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Do you post about touchy or sensitive topics on your blog? If so, what kind of subjects do you like to discuss? 

I seldom write about touchy or sensitive topics on my blog. Back in the day before the pandemic, when Beckie from Beckie‘s mental mess was blogging, she would prompt us to share our stories and views centered around mental health and depression. When I wrote for some of her prompts, I was careful to remain on neutral ground and not broach sensitive subjects.

Do you respond to sensitive or controversial subjects in the form of prompts? 

It depends on the nature of the prompts. If it is based on something controversial just for the sake of it, I won’t participate. But if it is a subject where people need to speak up but won’t because of social taboos, I would write on it.

Do you take part in controversial discussions as part of a comments thread? 

Not really. In fact, I don’t start a conversation on the posts of fellow bloggers. If it’s my own post, I would comment just once to make my opinions known. I’m not the type to get into controversies.

How do you think sensitive subjects should be handled on the blogosphere?

I think they should be handled with care. Topics like suicide awareness should be written about with sensitivity. Depression and other mental health issues need care too. The best thing we can do is NOT to make judgments or give sweeping statements as everyone is different.


A)  Warning “labels” when one is writing about something that could potentially be ‘touchy’ to some folks.  Pros and cons and that segues rather nicely into the second topic

If the topic or subject of the post can be a trigger for someone, a warning is desirable. I don’t write on such topics but I think it would be a responsible thing to do to put warning labels if needed.

B) Censorship.  Is it censorship if one blogs ‘sensitively’ (aka soft pedals hard issues)?   Should writers have to think of every possible reader  their writing might touch, every single scenario where a reader might take offense and so on?   I’m not thinking of blatant offensiveness (and what’s offensive to one person isn’t necessarily to the next one in line), but a general trying to cover all bases all the time type of thing.

Self-censorship is good. It means to be mindful of the effect the post we are writing can have on your readers. I always give my posts and comments a read over to check if they can be offensive or misconstrued by my readers. It is always better to give it a thought before posting it rather than regretting it later.

Thank you Tanya for this very important topic of discussion.



22 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Sensitivity in blogging

  1. A thought-provoking post, Sadje and Tanya. I agree on caution and kindness with sensitive subjects. All communication is subject to perception and interpretation. Depending on the situation, people can agree to disagree. Again, with diplomacy and kindness. Some topics consist of grey areas. You bring up many great points in this post. 🙂 Erica

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  2. I don’t mind sensitive subjects at all. I write about whatever.
    I do try to keep my comments away from controversy or curse words, etc if I know the blogger doesn’t really like it.
    Some bloggers are like me and don’t care, some are like you and prefer things to be more generalized and all-inclusive.
    It’s great that there’s room for everyone in the WP clan!💕

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