What do you see # 52 – A roundup


That look on her face

Held me spellbound, mesmerized

Never had I seen such serene, calm contentment

Who is she, I asked

She lives by herself in the village

All by herself, no family to call her own

Then what is the secret of this happiness

That shines through her bright eyes

Or reflects on her lined face, I ask

She helps without being asked

She gives even when has little

She loves even if not loved back

They said

Ah, a secret to a contented life, I say to myself


My heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated in this one year anniversary prompt. Please click on the links to read their wonderful contributions.

Michnavs; Who am I

Ramya Vivek; Behind that smiling face

Lady Lee Manila; What do you see # 52

Chris Hall; On a life well lived

Kittysverses; She runs yet waits

Tina; Memories bloom

Reena; Paths

Sangeetha; Onesomeness

Susi; Her spirit

Happy Soul; Wrinkles

Di; All seeing,all knowing

Melanie; What do you see # 52

Regina; A contented soul is beautiful

Jules; Miss Mildred says call her Millie

Fandango; Philosophy of life

Lisa; I would have it no other way

Radhika; My life story

Eugenia; Roads traveled

Goutam; Mother’s love

Jeff; A wisdom poem

Sara; What do you see # 52

Jude; Nature’s spirit lines

Angela; A tale of life

Punam; Age not a cage

Irma; Making phō

I will be posting the next week’s prompt at noon PST Monday.




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