Tale Weaver – #298 – Underwater – 22nd October

Michael is the host of Tale Weaver

This week compose a tale that involves underwater.

You decide what it is or who it is that is underwater and what they do or don’t discover.

Go where the prompt leads you and have fun.



He dived into the deep blue water and prepared to surface, but he couldn’t kick back his feet to propel himself to the surface. He took a quick look and saw his feet, both of them tangled in the seaweeds………


He had dived into the swimming pool and not the ocean. Why were his feet trapped in the seaweed which had no business being there. As the thoughts crossed his mind he felt desperate for air and increased the struggle to free his feet.



“Will you stop kicking me”, the angry and plaintive voice of his wife’s voice penetrated his almost comatose state of sleep. He sat up abruptly and took a deep breath. It was a nightmare, what a relief to wake up.

His wife asked him what was going on in his dreams and why he was thrashing about. He fobbed her off with an evasive answer, but he now knew that his subconscious mind was warning him about the business venture he was planning on undertaking with a school friend. He will call him today and cry off from that risky proposition.




21 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #298 – Underwater – 22nd October

  1. Brilliant, two stories in a few powerfully crafted paragraphs! Lovely, that the character interpreted the dream…sometimes “warnings” present themselves but the meaning is not fully grasped. Then, later, in hindsight, the meaning to the message becomes clear😊 Great story Sadje. Thank you!

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