Daily Prompts- A valuable lesson

Thunderstruck, and in awe she watched

As the master of tact taught her a valuable lesson

Never be fazed by the false, unjust allegations

Don’t let them topple your house of cards

Or steal the wind from your sails in spite

With all the poise and calm the lady, flicked aside

The spite and hurtful speech thrown at her head

She stood proud and straight, letting insults glance off her

Like the water off the duck, without causing harm

Order was restored in the chaos by her demeanor

The blather and babbling curtailed soon to whispers

The lies can damage only those who are guilty

The righteous should not fear the tools of the cowardly

In response to the following prompts;




Wind, Curtail, Speech





Word of the day challenge;




32 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- A valuable lesson

      1. had just finished reading an article about such a case … a journo claiming nine yo dwarf was 18 and fleecing the system! Something very easily proven but she didn’t bother to check 😦

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