Daily Prompts & Saturday Symphony # 16 – A strange fairytale

Let me tell you a tale so strange

That you’ll find it hard to credit

There was a moth with velvet wings

That once flew too near the flame

The heat didn’t burn them but instead, they did melt

He approached the great wise elf of the garden

To seek a solution to this new predicament

The elf sighed and after vigorously shaking his head

Told them that they will have to freeze the wings

To undo the damage caused by the heat, don’t be nervous

It will take a lot of work but rest assured that it will work

The magnitude of the problem is huge but we can

With effort restore these velvet wings to their glory

Jude has asked us to re-write a fairytale with a different ending. My effort is “slightly” different! This is my effort at writing a fairytale. I hope it passes muster!

Also in response to the following prompts:




Velvet, Moth, Sigh





Word of the day challenge;


Saturday Mix;

melt and freeze

– rest and work




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