Fandango’s Provocative Question #92


FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

Blogging anonymously This week’s provocative question is about anonymity and blogging.

So my provocative question this week is simply this:

Do you blog anonymously? Why or why not?


I do blog under a pseudonym. It is not my real name and the reason to do so was that I wanted to keep my identity private. Blogging anonymously gives me that blanket of security where I don’t have to worry about people harassing me for my views.

All those who read my posts can hold me accountable for my words. I answer criticism about my writing, but my opinion and views are mine and I have a right to hold them.

Another good thing about anonymity is that it is liberating. You don’t worry that your family or friends will read it and will judge you. You can step out of the conventional boundaries and try new things. It took me a while to write about things that weren’t in my comfort zone, but I was able to do so because I was blogging anonymously.

Anonymity also protects the privacy of my family and that is very important to me.

I know a lot of bloggers on the WordPress community who are using their own name and sharing some family details here too. That is perfectly okay too as long as they are comfortable doing it. We all have to find our comfort level in the blogosphere and go accordingly.

The end shot; Do your own thing but stay safe!




23 thoughts on “Fandango’s Provocative Question #92

  1. I found this very interesting! How did you come up with the name, Sadje? It’s very lovely and unique. When I get around to publishing my books, I do intend to use “pen names”. Primarily because I write in different genres and I don’t want the name for my children’s books to be associated with my adult lit-fic.

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  2. I think your points are very valid. I am surprised that you aren’t really “Sadje” though, but I also think you’re very clever to come up with that name. Privacy is a dwindling commodity these days, with everyone’s business just a click or finger stroke away. Choosing to participate in a social media site seems to call for a prudent degree of privacy and it sounds as if you’ve found the right balance for you! Congratulations! ☺

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