Crimson Creative Challenge # 102

Crispina is the host of Crimson Creative Challenge




“Don’t make a sound, you will scare it away!

“Let’s approach it quietly and catch it while it is unaware of us”

A twig snaps and the mallard is startled, looks around suspiciously

Joey holds his camera steady and snaps a ton of photos

“I hope you got some good ones because I am not doing this again

The water is cold and slimy with algae”, said Ben, looking down at his jeans which now look dark green stained with the stagnant water of the lake.




29 thoughts on “Crimson Creative Challenge # 102

  1. I was planning to swim today
    But didn’t expect the bank to be like this
    I find the ocean frightening for what could bite me, sting me, eat me
    But this water scares me too
    I swam in water like this once
    A salamander touched my toes
    I freaked out
    A fish slipped across my thigh
    I freaked out
    A frog jumped at my face
    I freaked out
    But, the worst was the leaches
    Freshwater vampires
    Upon exiting the lake, I looked down
    And there they were
    Attached to my legs
    Sucking my very life force
    I couldn’t flick them off
    Or even yank them
    Up the beach, I ran
    Screaming as though a shark just took my arm
    Mom ran down, snagging handfuls of sand and rock along the way
    And despite her own fears, smacked and scrubbed those squirmy blood-suckers off
    I felt she had saved my life that day
    (True Story!)

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    1. Is there anything mor gross then coming out of a lake, legs full of bloodsuckers? Then again, can you say you had any youth worth talking about if you haven’t experience this at least once? Love this!

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