Blogging Insights-Blogging Etiquette

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

This week Tanya is using my suggested questions about blogging etiquettes.

I deliberately am answering these questions later than I normally do because I wanted to read the responses of my fellow bloggers. I have learned a lot from the responses of others and as I understand the preferences of many bloggers, I am answering these questions accordingly.


How long should the comment thread be? 

If you are having a meaningful conversation in the comment section of your own post, or of another blogger, it can go on for as long as you have something to contribute. But if it consists of pleasantries, a thanks is sufficient.

Reblogging etiquette;

Ask or at least inform the blogger when you reblog their post. It is not right to just reblog without posting a comment in their post that you’re reblogging their post. According to most bloggers, people don’t mind a reblog as long as credit is given to the original blogger.

What should you do when people don’t respond to your comments on their posts? 

It seems to be okay if bloggers ignore your comments. If you feel that they are not interested in your comments, you can stop commenting and limit your interactions to just liking their posts. But if you see this phenomenon happening with a few bloggers, you can perhaps ask them to check in their spam, where your comments might be ending up.

Award posts; 

As usual, the opinions are divided here. There are those who don’t mind being nominated and would accept the award by answering the questions posed by the person who nominated them. And there are many bloggers who have award-free blogs. They may say thank you to you and decline the award, or they may ignore the whole thing altogether. A very few people would not only accept the award nomination but would also do the whole, ” follow the rules” thing as well.

So these are my take away from this discussion. Thanks, Tanya for hosting this conversation.



5 thoughts on “Blogging Insights-Blogging Etiquette

  1. Hi Sadie and Tanya, Nice to meet the both of you. I am new to Sadie’s blog and I became absorbed reading through the interesting and fun posts. I began a blog two years ago and I am always a work in progress, constantly learning gems from the blogging community. Good point on some of the comments ending up in the spam folder. I look forward to reading more. Erica

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