Daily Prompts- What was it!

Is this a cherub or a gargoyle on the rooftop?

It is Halloween and out of habitude we imagine

All things scary and frightening will happen tonight

Our minds are swamped with the vision of ghosts and witches

When they wait in the dark of the night all ready

To finagle us out of our peace of mind and disturb

The absolute faith we have in the broad sunlight

That ghouls and ghosts only exist in stories and works of fiction

But who knows the truth……

What is going on in the night?

In response to the following prompts;




Cherub, Paper, True





Word of the day challenge;




27 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- What was it!

  1. There you sit
    Atop my abode
    Always watching
    You saw my true self
    My paper-thin facade
    When I ran to the swamp to cry
    You finagled information
    To use it against me?
    You are but a gargoyle
    Silent stone
    Perhaps you’re a cherub in disguise
    Preparing to leap from the lip
    And guide me away from my destructive habitude

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