What do you see # 51 – A roundup


With one hand you turn

With the other you adjust

A repetitive cycle of time, never -ending

It started when the universe was created

It will go on till it is time to play the end credits

At the end, what we will have to show

For the time we spent on this earth?


My heartfelt gratitude to all these wonderful people who participated in this weeks prompt. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

Reena; Clocking away

Chris; It is time

Ramya Vivek; Will the time stand still

Michael; Concoctions

Eugenia; Love is in the stars

Punam; Time

Di; Time gentlemen, please

Susi; Slipping away

Michnavs; How long have I waited

Christine Bialczak; What do you see # 51

Radhika; Choice

Fandango; Time’s up

Goutam; Sands of time

Sangeetha; Lulling

Happy Soul; It is time

Aseem; Friends unfriended

Jules; The pearl within

Ramya Tantry; Time

Jenanita; What do you see # 51

Lisa; An hourglass of time

Anisha; Upended hourglass

Roshni; Realization

Lady Lee Manila; What do you see # 51

Jeff; A time poem

Silver Stone; Fade away

Jude; Dreams of tomorrow

Priya; The gift of time

Ada; Precipice

Irma; A gift of time

Irma; Stargazing

Kittysverses; Banter

Shweta; Running out of time

I will be posting next week’s prompt at 12:00 am PST Monday morning.

Thanks again to all those who read, wrote, commented and reblogged the posts.




14 thoughts on “What do you see # 51 – A roundup

  1. Some of us prefer to stay in the background of this ever changing staged play.
    If we are to believe in the fates we have little choice. I would rather believe that the best deeds are not always the most public.

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