Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- 17 October’20

Linda is the host of Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a word you have to look up.” We all have words we can never spell. Use one of yours in your post and let that word drive your stream of consciousness where ever it goes. Have fun!


I rely on autocorrect for correcting my spellings. They are truly bad!

Let’s start with the title of this post; Stream of Consciousness Saturday!

If my “smart” phone doesn’t immediately prompt me with the whole of the title, I am lost. How to spell consciousness? Actually, I have difficulty with words that have a c and a s together. I flounder and have to try multiple combinations of them to get to the right spelling. One thing that helps me is if the word is not spelled correctly, it doesn’t looks right to me and I get busy trying to make it right. If I weren’t typing out my post on my phone, which apparently is smarter than me, I don’t think I would be posting so many posts a day. It probably would take me hours to write one post!

Another big help is the free version of Grammarly which tries to correct my grammar. It has no appreciation of poetry so it usually rejects my poetic phrases. But I still go on with them.




33 thoughts on “Stream Of Consciousnesses Saturday- 17 October’20

  1. I detest auto correct. I am actually pretty good at spelling so when auto correct kicks in it’s usually wrong (not always, but usually) as it tries to predict a word that I do not want – it’s common especially with people with names that are not western such as Norelis – I cannot begin to tell you how often it tries to “correct” names like this.

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  2. Autocorrect is my nemesis. I spell a lot of words my own way. I’m a pretty good speller and a total word nerd, so I don’t need autocorrect to change words for me, TYVM!
    I will say that the predictive text is helpful for long words or phrases that I use often.
    I use my phone too, and my biggest problem is hitting the wrong key, so I get a lot of “if” instead of “of”… stuff like that, and it drives me bonkers🤪🤯😤💕

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  3. Whatever method works, is a good method. You’re smart enough to work out how to remedy your issue, so that makes you smart!

    My partner is dyslexic but she is the person that spots typos the best, even though she struggles with her own spelling. She pays attention to detail and whilst it might take her longer than others to achieve, she writes beautifully.

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