Daily Prompts- Some divine help

Wind in my sails dies down and the boat flounders

There is trouble ahead and I ponder on the problem

No instant solution comes to mind, more thinking is required

My brain doesn’t works so well under duress of pressure

There are many choices, many ways to cover the way back

But the difficulty lies in choosing the right path

I lift my hands in prayer, asking for divine help

In response to the following prompts;




Cover, Choice, Instant





Word of the day challenge;




22 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Some divine help

  1. Do I have a choice
    Or chalk it up to divine intervention
    I am at the mercy of the wind
    The waves
    The duress of the weather
    I ponder life in this moment
    The present and past
    As I pull the sails
    In an instant, I tip
    My craft
    Covered by water
    I try to swim
    But the ocean consumes me
    And my future

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  2. sometime ago I attended a training session, there was a part about how we cope under stress, some people thrive and some just crumble. Different people are suited for different situations and it is good that we can identify that about ourselves and be honest about it. as always your words create an awareness for me.

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