Daily Prompts- Hunt for rhymes

Some say writing poetry is a cinch

Rhyme a few sentences and you’re done

It does works for me some of the time

At others, it forces me to scream like a banshee

Hunt around in my mind for elusive words

Intangible ideas, floating out of my grasp

The mighty pen hanging its head in sorrow

When it is unable to express all the thoughts

That are circling in the vortex of my mind

In response to the following prompts;




Friday, Hunt, Poetry





Word of the day challenge;




27 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Hunt for rhymes

  1. Oh, this says it all! Well done, poor shamed pen! By the way, I have a reverse dictionary that is great for finding those missing words. Even though I use ‘Hey, Google, what is the word that means…’ far more than I should. ❀

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      1. I’m glad I am finally getting around to reading your posts again. I can’t read on the phone so much and using my hubby’s laptop isn’t ideal for just meandering through the fun blogs of my bloggie friends.

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  2. Friday
    My only day off
    How shall I spend my time
    Hunt for poetry
    Written by others
    An intangible apex of creativity I may never amount to
    But, the banshee screams
    Screeching for me to join
    A mighty voice
    Saying, this is a cinch
    You’ve got this
    Just give it a shot

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