5 Things for Tuesday- Breads

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

Today she is asking us to list our 5 Favorite breads

• White bread;

My first love, white bread. Soft and yummy. Good with everything, savory or sweet. Ideal for any meal or snack. Unfortunately, I don’t eat this regularly because of its high carb content.


Love their crusty exterior with the soft buttery center. They used to be my favorite breakfast bread. Loved them warmed up with strawberry jam and butter.

• Multiseed bread;

Since I have cut down on my carbs, this fits my new healthy diet perfectly. I like its wholesome flavor and obviously, it is full of natural goodness.

• Focaccia bread;

It is best combined with a bowl of hot tomato soup. It pairs well with all Italian cuisine as well.

• Banana bread;

Bananas can be substituted for carrots, dates or even squash. It really works well with walnut in it too. Yummy!



29 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Breads

  1. What a delicious selection! I hadn’t even thought of the ‘quick’ breads (banana, cranberry/orange, blueberry, pumpkin)….I do enjoy a slice (usually one will do me for a while) now and then! Thanks for the reminder of another yummy bread type! ☺

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