Sunday Writing Prompt – 11th October – A Change of Season

Michael is the host of Sunday Writing Prompt this week

This week write your response to what a change of season means to you. In the south its about the arrival of spring and the approach of summer, In the north its about autumn and the coming of winter.

It heralds the arrival of daylight saving for some and the end to it for others.

Do you welcome one season over another?


The time when it starts to cool down and days get longer

I love the anticipation that another season is making its appearance

Autumn arrives with colorful foliage and bare branches

And I start looking forward with keen anticipation

Towards another change in the season, it’s the time to welcome winter

For me, the excitement of change is greater than the change itself

The fun of looking forward to throwing off the mental of

One season and donning that of another excites my childlike fascination

So when winter gives way to spring or the spring to summer

I am always ready to welcome the new season with a smile




32 thoughts on “Sunday Writing Prompt – 11th October – A Change of Season

  1. From green to gold
    Red to rusty brown
    A change in temperature
    Solid steps are now slippery
    I walk with the breeze, not against it
    You can smell the shift
    Snow, though it has not yet fallen
    Rain, as it replenishes
    The sky is darker
    The days, shorter
    What a cozy feeling it is
    Rebirth is around the corner
    But all must lay to rest first
    As will I
    In front of a fire
    With a cup of hot cocoa
    And a blanket, straight from the dryer

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  2. Very upbeat and positive message here, thanks for that (there is way too much negativity in general). I love fall, but not such a big fan of winter, but perhaps if I can get a pair of snowshoes so I could walk the nature trails I’d feel better about that cold season. LOL Thanks so much for your lovely and positive post.

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  3. I embrace all the changes of the seasons. There are some I enjoy more than others, but I would be so bored if there was no change in weather and it was always hot or always cold. There has to be change. Great poem!

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