What do you see # 50 – A roundup


He stood outside the door with a faraway look on his face

Day after day I saw him there, punctual like clockwork

His face was expressionless but the demeanor was indicative

Of a heartbroken lover, seeking to win back his true love

I wished him luck silently in my heart

It is difficult to heal a broken heart!


I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to all those who participated, read, and commented on this week’s prompt. Please click on the links to read the contributions of these wonderful bloggers.

Chris Hall; On life’s threshold

Ramya Vivek; It’s complicated

Michnavs; You

Reena; Duty comes first?

Eugenia; On my way to stardom

Cheryl; What do you see # 50

Susi; Tricked

Di; What do you see # 50

Fandango; Lost love

Jules; Quackin and shakin while the sun shines

Aseem; Blanket of sunshine

Lauren; The blind date

Lady Lee Manila; Twisted telepathy

Kittysverses; White heather

Christine Bialczak; What do you see

Happy Soul; Faking it

Goutam; Reincarnation

Jenanita; What do you see- Poetry

Tanya; Home

Irma; Artificial man

Shweta; At first sight

I will be posting next week’s prompt at 12:00 am PST on Monday morning.

Thanks again for your response.




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