Daily Prompts- Flat tyre

When you are pressed for time, something unexpected happens

A flat tyre and the car cannot move out of the car park

You can scream with frustration at the obdurate fate

Conspiring against you making you late

Why oh why you think, is this happening just now

I have to fix the tyre and I don’t have that sort of time

While you are busy swiping at the Lady Luck

Little can you imagine the forces which are at work

You are late….. but you may have avoided something more unpleasant

When you were moved perforce from one time frame to another

The prism of light shows all colors separated

The events in life just show us only one reality

What may have or would have happened, all stay hidden

We just see what is, not what might have been

In response to the following prompts;




Car, Pack, Swipe







39 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Flat tyre

  1. I spell it, tire
    Is that because of where I live
    Or, am I just “tired”
    Life offers so much
    Too much, at times
    And the moment I think I’m progressing
    Flat tire
    Really, tire? Here, now?
    Do you not understand what I’m going through
    The extent of what I’m already dealing with
    And when I’m FINALLY on the right track
    Flat tire

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      1. That’s one of many reasons why I love blogging! People spell things differently, have different phrases and ways of thinking. Opens up a whole new world I wouldn’t have been introduced to otherwise. Today I learned it is also spelled tyre. Very cool!

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  2. very clever use of the prompts ,,, and so right about that sliding door moment! We never know what fate we avoided being late that day … debated with some nuns that we may see the paths we didn’t take at the moment of death 🙂

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