Friday Flashback- The daily Four

Sharing this post from 9th October 2019 as a part of Fandango Friday Flashback

Rory is the host of The Daily Four. 

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The Daily Four

Season 1 – Game 12

Question Fun Directory

Welcome to The Daily Four!

Today’s Questions to the Readers are….

Are you mainly a fish, meat or veg eater?

I am basically a veg eater. I eat chicken because I should have some high class protein. Not a fan of any type of meat, or even eggs. But I love veggies! Most of them. Very few that I cannot stand!

Are we ever really truly here or do we only think we are?

Are we not? I think that this debate can be carried both ways. If we go into metaphysical, then we can argue that we are not here in our physical form, we just think we are. If we pinch ourselves real hard, it will transpire that not only we are very much here but also suffering with what circumstances we have created for ourselves.

What could you afford to live with and without?

So you wake up one morning and find that you have experienced one of the following mishaps – choose the one that you personally believe you could cope with better and or that the impact would be less invasive on your life!

The Loss of your recognised body?

The Loss of your recognised voice?

The Loss of your recognised face?

I think the best of this worst multiple-choice here would be my voice. Just like after a sore throat or laryngitis we sound different. I can probably live with that though I hope I never would have to.

What would be an ideal Promotional Giveaway?

It depends on the business. If it is clothing, the best giveaway is a discount. Nobody would refuse it ever. If it is a small merchandise, something small from the collection would be ideal. A cup from a crockery business or a spoon from a cutlery trade! I hope my suggestions were helpful.




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