Fandango Provocative Question # 90- Awards

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FPQWelcome once again to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

This week’s provocative question is about blog awards.

How do you feel about blog awards? Why do you feel that way?


When I started to blog and was nominated for my very first award, I was really very happy about it. The whole drill of questions and answers and nominations seemed daunting to a new blogger like me but it also meant that my blog and writing were being noticed and I felt encouraged.

Then I was nominated for more awards, of different nature and names. Gradually the excitement wore a bit thin and the thought of spending so much time composing an award post started to become a burden.

But all this is a part of encouraging new bloggers. I love the idea that a person who has recently started their blog and have less than an hundred followers, should be nominated for an award and they, then would share some details about themselves so that other bloggers get to know them better.

I still get a few award nominations and try to respond as quickly as I can. Answering the questions is not difficult but nominations are. There are a lot of bloggers who have an award free blog, some don’t do award post because it takes up a lot of time. Others just don’t believe that any award given by another blogger carries any importance. So if I nominate 10 or 11 bloggers, maybe 2 or 3 would respond.

If there was a unified system of awards, with fewer nominations required, I think people would be more open to them. I know that I would be!



20 thoughts on “Fandango Provocative Question # 90- Awards

  1. I always appreciate being nominated for awards. I thank and let the nominating blogger know I appreciate their thinking of me. I feel it is a great way for new bloggers to meet and greet other bloggers. But, when I had to nominate 15 or 20 bloggers and many didn’t want to participate, I made both my blogs award-free. I totally agree with your last paragraph, Sadje!

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    1. Thanks Eugenia! It is fun and I feel exited even now to be nominated but it eats up a lot of time. Indeed if it were a more unified system, we could be more responsive


  2. I agree that it’s exciting when you’re first starting out. And it’s still wonderful that someone thinks enough of me & my writing to nominate. But they ARE time consuming, and they are designed to increase the stats of the creator of the award. I found that very few of the people I nominated would do awards.
    I’m not 100% award free, but I rarely have time to do more than thank the person who nominated me and maybe answer a few questions in comments. 💕

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  3. I think it would be good if WordPress did an award system with blogs less than a year and highlight a new one each month. I think that would encourage those who are new. I know something like that would never happen after the way they have dropped the classic editor even after complaints though.

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