Daily Prompts- Moving day

It was moving day and he trudged reluctantly up and down the stairs. He really didn’t understand why his parents had decided to move to a more stylish house, leaving this house which has been their home since he was born. All his friends lived in the neighborhood and so was his school. Now he had to go to a new school and make new friends. It was a sharp jab to his young heart when he thought about all that. He wished that he could say something to change the mind of his parents and that they would stay in this house. Just then he heard his friend Jeff laughing outside. He ran out and was greeted by two of his best friends.

“What has made you so happy” he asked sulkily?

“Your parents have agreed to you spending a few days with me and my family till your parents get settled in the new house”, Jeff told him with a big smile.

Ray felt his gloom lifting. At least he was a getting a break.

In response to the following prompts;




Wish, Food, Style





Word of the day challenge;




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