Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Fear of horror

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Welcome back! The response last week was very encouraging. A personal thank-you to each one of you who found time, inspiration and effort to write, and dig into creativity.


Horror is a genre we haven’t touched in the Exploration Challenge prompts as yet. It may have figured in the responses, but not in the prompts.

I make an effort to conquer my own inhibitions and discomfort with horror.

Explore your psyche to see if you love something so short, or take a longer route to build up anticipation and fear.


It is easy to give yourself a fright

To be afraid of your own shadow sometimes

Fear lives in all our minds and comes unbidden

A shape in the dark, a creak in the dead of the night

Awakens the horror, makes it come alive

A shivering shadow at the window makes you want to scream

It is just a piece of cloth blown by the wind

Turn on the light and you find the tapping was nothing more

Than the overhanging branches of the tree


Sometimes you wonder if the dragging on the roof was

Just your imagination or is there some ghostly activity going on there?




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