What do you see # 48 – A Roundup


Excuse me, sir, you cannot sit in the middle of the street

Who said so, came the sulky response

It is illegal and causes a lot of inconvenience, I said

Don’t you know who I am he said, a gleam of anger now visible

I don’t care who you are, I need to move my truck

Well you have to wait till I get up young man, came the arrogant response

It was too much for even a meek fellow like me, besides the heat was already melting my brain

I got into the truck and revved up the engine

The bossy guy and his minion scrambled for the safety of the sidewalk

I guess they got the message that I didn’t care who he was!


Once again an amazing turnout this week with a diverse range of posts. My heartfelt thanks to all these wonderful bloggers who participated this week. Please click on the links to read their contributions.

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I will be posting next week’s prompt at 12:00 am PST Monday morning.




17 thoughts on “What do you see # 48 – A Roundup

  1. Too often folks think more of themselves than is due. Watching an episode of V-Sauce – we often think of ourselves as the center of the universe. But it is likely that everyone else thinks of themselves as such so we needn’t worry all that much of what others may think of us, since they are probably thinking of themselves.

    Though I believe I read somewhere that while Jay-walking is illegal in one of the largely populated Asian countries that any elder over 90 or perhaps older can cross the street where ever they choose and those in cars need to watch for them.

    Thanks again for another interesting prompt.

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      1. I believe we that we think of ourselves first is a natural animal element of the survival of humans as well as most animals. Besides having a thumb and a large brain… I think I read that humans are the only animals that blush at awkwardness… which comes from thinking too much of what others think of us. Always any human trait taken to an extreme can cause others to perhaps laugh at, ignore or cringe at it. Humanity grows when we are able to see past the quirk and offer help, forgiveness or perhaps even recognize the foil in ourselves.

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