Blogging Insights- Mistakes?

Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

She says;

Despite all the blogging advice and courses out there, many bloggers (myself foremost) feel that they made some mistakes when they started out. Today’s discussion involves a recap of the things that we did wrong and what we should have done instead. I am sure this will help lots of fledgling bloggers out there.


What mistakes did you make in the first few months of blogging?

Did I make mistakes when I started to blog?

Yes, I did and that’s how I learned to do it right. Or I should say that that’s how I am learning to do it right.

It’s human nature to try to do things their own way. And that sets us apart from other humans. I did that too.

When I started to blog, I jumped straight in the deep end. No tutorials, no research, and had no idea about the technical side of blogging. The only help I got was from a dear friend and she helped me set up the menus of the home-page and the theme. Other than that, it was learn as I go.

• One very important thing that I learned was to check the grammar and spellings of my post once I’ve written it. Misspelled words and wrong tenses can be really off-putting. Some of my initial posts had typos too. Now I know to read through the entire post a couple of times before scheduling it. But even after two years of blogging, I still make mistakes because I am in a hurry and don’t recheck my text. I would advise all new bloggers to make a special point to do that before they publish it.

• Not a detailed description on my home page/ about page. This is important as everyone who wants to follow your blog will read your about page. Updating it frequently is also a good idea.

Other than these two points, I used all my other mistakes as a learning experience.



14 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Mistakes?

  1. Autocorrect and typos still slip by me. It drives me bonkers! I don’t worry about it on other people’s posts, unless I know they’d want to correct it😉, but I *do* notice.

    I agree, the “about” page is where I look before I follow a new blog.

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  2. I get typos in my post too and they don’t come to my attention until my mother or any of my fellow bloggers point them out. I’ll be in a hurry to click publish and those errors will somehow skip my eyes as I proofread.

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  3. You’re absolutely right, and I must refresh my About page later! I find my comments are my worst for spelling because they are often a “stream of conscious” thing and I am too eager to hit the Post button. At least with my posts, I can edit them once live to fix typos. But I think you’re right – every typo makes a post more difficult to read and there will come a point when the reader just gives up.

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      1. It is because of my fallibility that I take extra care. One of my tricks is to listen to a post as soon as it goes live – I can *hear* a mistake (even if just a missing “s” even if I can’t see it.
        The other thing I have done with my static pages is to date them, so a reader can be assured that the info is broadly up-to-date. I have just one more page to go!

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