Something for Sunday- Ah! to be home again

I am trying to write something special for the Sunday morning post. Nothing in response to prompts or questions. Something just from the mind of Sadje!

Today it’s about coming back home permanently after 5 years. No traveling back and forth to the US every few months. I admit I liked traveling halfway across the world and living in Seattle with my daughter and grandson but it was a long journey, taking almost 24 hours to get there. I did get used to it and then the experience of living in Washington state!

From what I’ve heard about some of the places in America, living in Seattle was a far easier experience. The people are very open and accepting. There is already a wide mix of nationalities living there so racial discrimination is not that apparent here.

Mostly my experience was a pleasant one. There were exceptions and I’ll talk about them some other time, but I loved being there and had a great time exploring Washington state and some other cities in the USA.

As I have been home for almost two months now, it feels like I never left. The integration of coming back is seamless. The reason being that I visited every year for a few months. I got used to the heat and humidity again. Met my close friends and family again and am enjoying the freedom from housework that is a part of our lives in Pakistan. Help is easy to find and affordable. The people who work for us need those jobs and are happy working.

The downside of this lifestyle is that one can ask them to cook you anything anytime (within reasonable times, of course) that I have put on some weight. I plan to go back to controlled eating from tomorrow and today will be the last day of binging.

I will keep you updated with my progress and I hope to find my losing streak again.



29 thoughts on “Something for Sunday- Ah! to be home again

  1. An interesting Sunday morning read – returning home. With regard to the weight issue I have 100 percent faith you’ll manage to devise a plan and shed those pounds in record time. You have an abundance of motivation! πŸ™‚

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  2. I have traveled all over the western US. We took family road trips. I always got a little teary eyed when I see the mountains around my home…
    Other places can be beautiful and fun, but like Dorothy says “There’s no place like home”

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  3. I am glad to hear you have settled back into home life again. I also wish you luck on your plan to reduce your weight… I can imagine how having someone else prepare any dish you want would be bad for the waist line.

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