Daily Prompts- The philanthropist

“Could you please drop this quixotic attitude towards life”

Many told him that the way to successful life lay in excelling

Earning trophies in sports or studies because no one cared

If you are a caring person willing to go there extra mile to help someone

But his antipathy towards all worldly goals was clear

In a not so subtle way, he rejected all the advice, new and old

Unperturbed by the criticism he went on his merry way

Helping scores of fellow humans in his journey in life

When he departed this world, thousands mourned his passing

Many many more than a wealthy or successful man would ever have had

( I wrote this poem with one particular person in mind, Edhi, the creator of Edhi foundation. He was from very humble origin and established a network of country-wide orphanages and homes solely by donations from ordinary people)

In response to the following prompts;




Boyfriend, New, Subtle





Word of the day challenge;




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