Books and Bookshelves

Rory asks;

How large is your shelved book collection?

One of my bookshelf with “few” of my books! I think I have about 200 – 300 works of fiction and then there are other books that are about law, religion and other technical subjects. Around another 100 more.

Do you actually have a shelved collection of hard copy books or a digital collection only or both?

Yes, we have both. In my family, we are avid readers. And book collectors. It is hard to give away books you love. So we have stuck to our best loved books and even added to them through the years.

I have lots of books on my kindle too. It is very convenient to carry books on kindle if you travel a lot. And you can read anytime and anywhere. No need for a light at night because it lights up by itself.

Are you willing to show an image of your collection in the shelves?

See above!

This is one of the bookshelf I own. There are a few others too. Now that my daughter and grandson have moved back, I am mentally adding their books to the total number of books we have at home.



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