5 Things for Tuesday- Potatoes

Tanya is the host of 5 Things

She asks us what are our 5 Favorite ways to eat potatoes;

• French fries;

Though they have nothing to do with France or the French, I think they are the most recognizable way of eating potatoes all world over! Serve them with Mayo, garlic Mayo, ketchup or chantey.

• Baked potatoes;

I love baked potatoes with sour cream. They can be done in the microwave quickly but the real taste comes when you bake them in the oven on low heat. It takes way longer but is definitely worth it.

• Mashed potatoes;

Boiled either with skin or without skin, mashed with butter, cream, and/ or milk. They make the best accompaniment to most meat dishes.

• Samosas with potatoes;

Though samosas are a savory dish of our part of the world, they have become popular with the rise in the popularity of Indian cuisine. I love the ones which are stuffed full of potatoes and peas.

• Parathas filled with boiled potatoes

Most people wouldn’t have heard of this one. It is made by rolling out two thin layers of whole-wheat flour dough and putting a layer of well seasoned boiled potatoes in between. This is rolled out thin and cooked on a pan with ghee. Nothing can match up to this dish in yumminess for potato lovers.

This mouth-watering post is courtesy of Tanya



30 thoughts on “5 Things for Tuesday- Potatoes

  1. Those ALL sound very delicious. I think that last recipe you offered sounds really scrumptious too…I’ve never cooked with ghee though…is it difficult? At a job I once held there was an Indian woman (East Indian) who would bring her native food dishes to our potlucks. She once made a pea and boiled potato dish, spiced with her own unique blend of spices ((which was NOT duplicate-able, because I tried and my own version failed) which was so good, I became an instant fan of East Indian cuisine. I still don’t like curry though, and some of the spicier dishes are beyond my tolerance, but overall? Oh my!! Now I have another recipe to add to my little stash…those parathas are a must try for me! Yum!! Thanks Sadje! ☺

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    1. They really are great. Cooking with ghee is easy. Just like using butter or coconut oil. Indian food is spicy, especially South Indian. But it is yummy. Thanks a lot Melanie


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