Reena’s Exploration Challenge- Layers

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge


What you see below is neither an image prompt nor a theme. 

I prefer to see it as a background on which you have to write something. 

Do you see layers here, or is it just a two-dimensional image? Is something hiding out there, which you need to discover? Or something just pops into the mind as you see it one more time?

Let me see the creativity that pours out in the foreground.

So, here you go ….


Layers upon layers

Facts and truth intermixed

What is right and what is false

Is my eye sharp enough to discern

It is not all white nor it is all black

A thousand shades inhabit the in-between

Find your reality and your truth from this jumble

For each of have a unique way of looking at life




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