Daily Prompts- A new challenge

Our world today is facing new challenges

A wave of awareness has woken up sleeping minds

The hole that has been cut into the fabric of society

By accepting less than stellar values is now gaping open

Don’t call it sedition, it is self-awareness when people

Stand up in vehement protest against injustice and unfairness

The pressure that is being generated by public protests

Will hopefully result in some changes in our attitudes

I would bet all my money that this wave of awareness

Will wake us up and shake the foundations of complacency

Are you awake?

In response to the following prompts;




Money, Pressure, Ticket





Word of the day challenge;




30 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- A new challenge

      1. Always a pleasure – you know Sadje l have to say this and l don’t want to come across as too gooey, but you have come such a long way from the shy woman who first began blogging – what is it now – 2 years, nearly two year? Whatever – you are marvelous now – well done – so adventurous and forwards grabbing. A real winner in my eyes. 🙂

        It’s lovely knowing you.

        Liked by 1 person

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