Blogging Insights # 47- Stats and traffic

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How important is your blog traffic to you? 

When i started to blog, I’d check my blog stats daily. Each new like, follow, or view was a cause to rejoice. Now don’t get me wrong but these aren’t as important to me as they were in the beginning. The most important thing now are the comments. They may not affect the stats that much but they provide me with the incentive to write well.

How often do you check your stats? 

Very infrequently these days. As I said in my answer above I used to be really into stats in the beginning but now I never remember to check them at times.

Which part of your blog traffic, the views, likes, comments or follows, is important for you personally? Which of these do you think is most important for your blog? (these could both be the same)

If I had to choose something that I value personally, it would be the comments. Comments are the instant feedback that provides the motivation for writing more and writing well.

As for the blog, I’d say that the number of follows a blog has can be the criteria of how popular it is. I think the search engines also rate the blog by how many people visit it daily.

But frankly since I don’t earn any money from my blog, or plan to, in near future, this all is a moot point. The most important thing in blogging is ;

• How much fun I am having writing my blog.

• How much enjoyment others get from reading my posts.

The rest is not very important.




27 thoughts on “Blogging Insights # 47- Stats and traffic

  1. I honestly don’t even know how many “followers” I have, or how many views I get.
    I know which bloggers are part of my “WP Family”, even the “extented” family, those who dont comment often, or read my all of my posts.

    The comments, and sometimes the “likes” are how we stay in touch with each other.

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  2. Got to admit, haven’t really paid much attention to the stats. I am still very new. I get the the automatic notification of how many post I have on my blog (this is daily~ my worst flaw is NOT WRITING something each day.) so I try doing a post , no matter how long or short. Also I try to comment on the post that really move me (like this one) Even do the re blog of someone else. Except the other day I had to use the ping link for an answer…my post turned out to be longer than a mere comment.

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