What do you see # 47- A roundup


We start our lives a blank paper

Little by little we color it by what we do and think

How we live our lives is reflected by the canvas at the end

It could be a mass of colorful strokes or a mess of bleak shades

Whatever you do, don’t leave behind a blank page


An awesome response this week from all these wonderful writers. Please click on their links to read their contributions. If I have missed anyone, please let me know!

Michnavs; I’d paint you A life

Dharkanein; Some goals some dreams left unfulfilled

Ramya; Uncertain, The only certainty in life

Dr Kanya; Canvas Harmony

Di; Every picture paints a story

Eugenia; Color me sated

Chris; Flying off the canvas

Susi; Dying and Rebirth

Radhika; The decision

Lorraine; What do you see # 47

Jules; Impromptu

Jenanita; What do you see- Poetry

Mindfills; Monochromes

Snowdrop; 51’th Page

Goutam; Life of varied shades

Dakshali; Embrace Yourself

Era; Reason

Michael; Painting the first time

Anisha; Abstract Art

Happy Soul; Give it to me now

Tanvir; Paint your life with colors

Nima; Find me here

Kittysverses; Timely strokes

Hemalatha; Lessons

Priya; Colors of Cosmos

Shweta; The rediscovery

Irma; Water color recipes

Cheryl: What do you see- 47

Sa; Paint chip poem- When I’m old

Reena; Writer’s regret

Thank you to all those who have participated, read and commented on these posts.

I will be posting next week’s prompt at 12:00 am PST Monday morning.




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