Daily Prompts- pondering points

It’s the anniversary of the day you left

Time to ruminate over my journey in this world

It’s not the time for doleful thoughts but rather

Time to un-tangle myself from the worldly busy-ness

And ponder some important points of life

The length of the time we are meant to stay here is not given

Our time may end right now or in fifty years from today

Acting now in timely manner to ensure that we really live

Existing is not living, nor is living day by day

Treat each day as your first and the last one

And enjoy the precious gift of being alive till you aren’t!

(It was my mom’s 54th death anniversary on Sunday. She died at age 26! It is time to think how I am living my life!)

In response to the following prompts;




Anniversary, Blogging, Party





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36 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- pondering points

  1. Very sad, I lost my dad at 30. I always think would be proud of the woman I am? He would be now, there was a time I think not so much. I blessed to have turned my life around. Death is such an odd thing. The grieving process, so different for all. I bet your mom was a beautiful young woman! She would be proud of the woman, and all your writings! Blessings to you on this day, πŸ’œ Lisa

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  2. Such a heartbreaking take on the prompts.
    How old we are, never matters. Missing our parents at any age has the same lasting effect on us. We take relationships for granted, only to realize their worthiness when they are long gone.

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  3. wow Sadje you lost her far too young! She would be proud and you have already outlived her well done!

    This is such a loving tribute and such a worthy message … each day could be our last, what is our purpose, is our life meaningful …

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  4. Losing your mom so young is not the life is supposed to happen. I am sure she would be proud of all you have accomplished in your life, I have lost both my parents and it leaves such a deep hole in my life. I still want to pick up the phone and call them when I hear or see something I think they would like. A very powerful poem!

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