Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 153- Expression

Reena is the host of Reena’s Exploration Challenge



  1. How do my thoughts get processed into words?
  2. Or do my words spur thoughts?
  3. How do they interact?


I tried using a free word cloud generator for the first time, and found this.


I looked around for images that come close to the theme, and found these.

I invite you to apply your creativity, and come out with any form of expression – fiction, poetry, essay, song, art, photograph – absolutely anything that takes your fancy.

So, here you go ….


Like a seed when sown in fertile soil

When an idea is embedded in my brain

It slowly takes roots and throws out a shoot

It needs a bit of prompting a little bit of probing

It blossoms into a full-fledged story or poem

Sometimes it amazes even me when it finds expression

In the words and nuances that I didn’t know that I possessed

What a remarkable thing the human mind is

Its uniqueness is undisputed, it’s perception amazing!



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