Daily Prompts- Lets Suppose

Let’s suppose for a minute here

That this terrible pandemic hasn’t happened

That we are still living the life we were living

Enjoying the carefree lifestyle and its perks

Using up earth’s resources and spewing fumes into its atmosphere

The din created by the felling of trees is loud in the air

No cool zephyr stirring the leaves of the trees

The terrain of mountains getting effected by climate change

Temperatures rising and icecaps melting at alarming rate

Now let us get back to reality and ask ourselves

This pandemic has given us all a pause to think about

Where we are headed and what we are doing

Is this the right way to treat the only home we have

I know it is unlikely, but we really should change

They way we live, travel, consume and abuse the treasures

Given to us in abundance by nature!

In response to the following prompts;




Terrible, Probe, Unlikely





Word of the day challenge;




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