Blogging Insights- Value of Comments

Dr. Tanya is the host of Blogging Insights

She says;

The comments feature is one of my favourite aspects of blogging. I love interacting with readers and writers. Being only human, I have at times left comments like “Good one”, “Great Post,” or “Loved This”. It is the longer, “meaningful: comments that are the subject of today’s discussion. 


Do you think that comments add value to a blog post? If so, how?

There are some bloggers who have turned off the comments option permanently on their blogs. When I visit their blogs, I wonder why don’t they want others to interact with them and give feedback about their posts/ poems, etc?

I value the comment section on my blog a lot. For me, it is the best part of writing a blog.

There are many ways how comments on our posts add value to the whole blogging experience;

• Instant feedback is given when someone reads your posts and lets you know what they think of it.

• Some people helpfully point out the errors in my posts so that I can correct my blunders and omissions.

• Building great community relationships with other bloggers; It creates a sense of camaraderie and friendship when we interact with our fellow bloggers in the comments section of our own and their blogs.

• Dissenting opinions and discussions about some topics help to broaden our point of view.

• It’s a sure sign that the one commenting has read the post. Even simple one word comments can boost up morale.

• We can touch base with those bloggers who are not being active in the blogosphere. Ask about their health or other issues they may be facing.

These are the ways, in my opinion, that adds value to blogging. Thanks to Tanya for continuing this discussion.



23 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Value of Comments

  1. The blog is a conversation between people with similar ideas, interests, challenges, and educational gifts. We owe it to ourselves to engage in the conversation started by a writer.

    We are not judging or making judgements over someone’s style of course unless they ask for that. But a blog is a conversation and for me, especially with metastatic cancer, I’m looking to engage with my virtual support team and I have come to rely on them through and I Donely comments but through their blogs and commenting on their blog posts. We exchange information. We talk about what’s bothering us. We discuss issues going on with research and development. There are countless things that we talk about. I also happen to a Poetry and the connection between poetry and a terminal illness is quite amazing. It’s therapeutic and it also creates A sense of understanding, beauty, and love from something that’s extremely ugly and will kill us eventually. It’s certainly not a unique disease by any stretch of the imagination. And pity is not what we’re looking for from people outside of the cancer community. In fact we love having others come and read what we have to say because the depth and breath I’m dealing with life and death excuse the rhyme is something we will all have to deal with one day. I hope that I see more comments on my blog because I always answer them and I answered them and dabs. Unless of course it’s just an atta girl which help to justify all that logorrhea that pours out of me in those times when in need to vent as we all do. Negativity has no place in public comments especially criticism. I’d say if you must point out something use a more private conversation platform such as email.
    Embarrassing people sometimes deters them from writing especially newer bloggers who haven’t grown the thick skin of someone whose writing has been public for years and years.

    Nice work and a great reminder.
    PS sometimes if all we have time for is a ❤️ or a “great post” that’s cool too but mixing up those short thumbs up let’s a writer know ones really read their post and thought about it.

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  2. I definitely agree that they add value. From a simple well done to a long in depth conversation about the blog it all comes down to communication and sharing of ideas Whether the reader agrees or not it gives you another point of view to look at things.

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