Something for Sunday- 3

Happy grandparents day

Did you know that grandparents had a day all their own?

Growing up in an eastern society, my early life was spent in close contact with my paternal grandparents. They belonged to the generation where discipline was an important part of parenting. They were strict. Especially my grandmother. I couldn’t just go and hug her, and though she loved me a lot, that love was not apparent and visible all the time.

My grandparents stepped in when my mother passed away at a young age leaving three children, the eldest being just eight and the youngest was four. They helped my father look after us. And when my father went to USA on a study scholarship to Harvard, they took care of us.

For me, my love for them is overshadowed by my admiration and respect for them. I now know that to look after three young children would have been so difficult for them. But they did it so well.

I feel that the role of grandparents has been relegated to the back closet nowadays. But the fact is that they play a pivotal role in making the young generation aware of the importance of family.

Do you have memories of your grandparents?

What are your views about their involvement in their grandchildren’s lives?

Do share your views!


32 thoughts on “Something for Sunday- 3

  1. oh, that’s so nice to hear, sadje. I’m sorry about your early loss, and so happy that you had your grandparents to love and support you. I love being very involved in my grandies’ lives, and they know I will always love and support them unconditionally.

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    1. Thanks a lot Beth. I feel that we as grandparents are more approachable and friendly with our grandkids than our own grandparents. I have a lovely relationship with my older grandson who is 10. The younger two are still too small but I am developing some familiarity with them too.


  2. Beautiful memories, yes raising children again after your own are grown must be so difficult. I am so glad they were there for you and your family. I grew up in rural Newfoundland – lots of small farms – today they’re called hobby farms, but for us it was a way of life and a way to put food on plates. My mother’s parents lived close by and we would visit them often. My grandmother was also strict (as was my Mom, strict, but fair). My grandfather had suffered many strokes which left him with a speech impediment. As a child I could rarely understand what he was saying, though adults seemed to have no trouble. But he was a wonderfully kind and loving man. I cherish my memories of him.


      1. When Mum was alive, we were five living generations, so she was a Great Great Grandmother, my sister a Great Grandmother, her daughter a grandmother, and her granddaughter a Mum. That makes me a Great Great aunty to my great niece’s son, who will be 7 on Christmas Day.

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          1. I was reading an article yesterday about 5 living generations and the latest having 6 grandmothers. The irony is that we could be related going back to the great great grandmother, though I am not aware of anyone called Brenda on that side!

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  3. I knew my maternal grandmother and her husband but she was cold and unapproachable. She died when I was 15. I felt bad for my mother, but she was practically a stranger to me.

    I am like a 2nd mother to Ben, although that wasn’t what I planned. I had my children young and looked forward to free time in my late 40s. Instead, I’ve been parenting for over 31 years straight.
    I wouldn’t trade it though. Ben is difficult but a love and crack up!๐Ÿ’–
    Happy Grandparents Day, Sadje!

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    1. Thanks Angie for sharing your thoughts. Both my grandmothers were unapproachable. I guess it was a generation thing. My paternal grandfather was great. Like a kind teacher. We used to play chess and card games with him all the time.
      Being a grandmother myself, I have wonderful relationship with my grandson. Itโ€™s a bit like being a second mother!
      Happy grandparents day to you too.

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  4. I loved my grandparents, i only knew my grandmother and grandfather on moms side, my grandmother on dads side died of suicide when I was 5 years old, and my grandfather died before I was born. I think grandparents are very important in a childs life. โค

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