Daily Prompts- Connections

Admittedly, we all are different

Our lives and circumstances are different

No two people have life exactly the same

Yet we are all connected to each other

Emotions shared with empathy and understanding

We feel the joy of others and laugh with them

We even clown about to make a sad friend smile

Or shed tears when we see a tragedy happening

It is heresy in my opinion to divide people

On the basis of race and religion or color of skin

Though there’s no quick fix to the problem of racism

We can nip this evil in the bud when others try to divide us

In response to the following prompts;




Laugh, Nip, Fix





Word of the day challenge;




24 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Connections

  1. Wholeheartedly in line with the spirit of this poem! So much more unites us than divides. How much better the world would be if we kept this in mind in our conversations and daily life.

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