5 Things- Fall Favorites

Dr. Tanya is the host of 5 Things

5 Favorite things for Fall;

• Weather change;

I always love it when the weather changes. Be it from summer to fall, or winter to spring. There an excitement in the air and I enjoy exploring my wardrobe for clothes for changing season.

Pumpkin spice latte;

I know not everyone likes this flavor but I really like it and it’s is fun to enjoy this in my coffee when Fall starts.

New seasons of my favorite tv series;

Most tv series take a break during summer months and with the arrival of fall, new episodes start to air. Though this year things are different and I don’t think there will be new episodes or seasons coming this year.

Chrysanthemums and roses;

I love chrysanthemums. They come in so many shades and sizes. In my country roses start to bloom in fall too. And how can one not love roses.

My birthday;

My birthday is in November. It is my favorite month and I enjoy celebrating my birthday with family and friends. With my family, we have a small dinner where gifts are presented to the birthday girl( me!) and then I have a get together with a few close friends, usually lunch or sometimes breakfast! That getting together with family and friends is the best part of my birthday. And of course, I get a year older and wiser too!



39 thoughts on “5 Things- Fall Favorites

  1. What a wonderful list Sadje! ❤ You're entirely within your boundaries to like pumpkin spice. In fact, you're in the majority, I'd say, because there are so many products available with that scent or seasoning in them. I'm not a fan, but my opinion is only my own, not for the whole world. How dull it would be if we all liked the same things, hmmm? Your images were so charming too!

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  2. My Older Daughter is a HUGE fan of the Punpkin Spice Latte and she gets excited every year. I bought her a bag of the Starbucks coffee. Just because I think its yucky doesn’t mean she, or you, cant enjoy it with blessings!
    When we like different things, it means we don’t have to share😉😂💕

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      1. I used to pick wild roses for my Mom when I was a child and often came away with a lot of scratches from the thorns, but they smelled sooo good. The fragrance was much stronger than that of those bought in florist shops.

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