Daily Prompts- Say no to bullies ⛔️

Stepping outside on a jaunty jaunt

Face to face with a bully intent on lampooning

I tried to honeyfuggle him but he was a tough nut

A bribe I thought and offered cash in an envelope

When this too didn’t work, I took off as I had

Ran out of options and sought the help of someone bigger

Our mom!






Cash, Envelope, Mobile





Word of the day challenge;


22 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- Say no to bullies ⛔️

  1. Forgive me for the late reply. I sometimes get sidetracked, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t participate in the prompts. Sometimes, I combine the words from yesterday or a couple days back. Then I do my best to brainstorm write and combine a short story, poem, or whichever. This one is more of a goofy type short story, and I hope it is enjoyed. It is entitled: A Clown


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