Daily Prompts- My Kitty

This is a story about a charcoal Bengal kitty

Pattered in white and black with a white sock

I saw it on an online pet store and have been trying

To get hold of it, so enamored I am with it

It’s hard to pry myself away from the images of this gorgeous feline

It’s a case of love at the first click with me

In response to the following prompts;




Case, Socks, Soap





Word of the day challenge;




28 thoughts on “Daily Prompts- My Kitty

  1. What a pretty cat! Our last cat was a rescue from the shelter and if it is a good shelter they will help you match up a cat with your personality. And cats can be trained somewhat, just not as easily as dogs. Of course you must post pictures when you do find one. Great post!

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