Blogging Insights- Ambiance

Dr. Tanya is the host of this series.

She says;

Some people can write anytime and anywhere. Others require certain pre-requisites such as the appropriate setting before they can get their creativity going. In today’s Blogging Insights we discuss the necessity or otherwise of the right ambiance for blogging.


What, in your opinion, is the perfect ambiance for blogging/writing?

I just need free time and a free mind. Distractions like talking to someone, a conversation going on among others in the room, or a loud tv hinders my thought process. I prefer early morning or late at night when I am by myself for blogging.

Are you able to work in this setting on a daily basis?

Yes, I can and I do. Right now I am in the car being driven so taking this opportunity, I am writing this post. One thing that I cannot do is think while others expect me to pay attention to them.

Do you feel that the ambiance has any particular effect on the quality or quantity of your output?

I don’t think that ambiance plays a vital role in my writing. Peaceful settings, whenever and wherever provided, make it easy for me to write.

What influences my writing is my frame of mind. When I am relaxed, I find ideas and words come easily to my mind. If stressed out or hassled, I need to calm myself before I can write.

Thanks again to Dr. Tanya for these insightful questions.



17 thoughts on “Blogging Insights- Ambiance

  1. Depends on the kind of stress, of course, but for me, writing actually helps alleviate it. Your enthusiasm for blogging, Sadje, is an inspiration I think for a lot of us. Glad you do it.

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  2. Well you do have an ‘ambiance’ setting…peaceful and distraction free. I don’t think ambiance has to be attached to a physical location, it is more (in my opinion) a state of mind and feeling based. Good choices for your answers too. That explains to me how you always keep so up beat and happy in your blog posts. Cheers!

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    1. You’re so right that ambiance doesn’t have to be physical. A place in mind that is quiet and relaxed. Thanks a lot Melanie for always being so supportive.


  3. Uninterrupted is all I ask for. It doesn’t even have to be quiet, though quiet is nice. Just don’t ask me a bunch of questions or to do things for you when I’m trying to write.

    I’m amazed that my posts make any sense at all😂😂😂

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  4. I prefer to write with a little background music and nobody else around. It usually happens when my boyfriend goes to sleep, but he has been off work and staying up late so I have had to alter my writing some… plus the fibro and fatigue can mess with my writing time too. But I can make notes anytime or anywhere.

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