12 Bloggerz – September 2020

Rory is the host of 12 Bloggerz

1.What really lights you up?

Seeing my family happy and healthy. On a more personalnote, a good book, a favorite meal, or just couple of hours doing nothing but blogging. In pre-Covid days, I loved to catch my favorite movie in the theater.

2. When do you think we become old?

When we think we are old. A person can be young at 80 or old at 30. It’s how you look at life. The zest for living has nothing to do with how many years ago you were born.

3. What’s in your fridge right now?

Lots of leftovers, milk, eggs, butter, different types of dressings, lots of vegetables, apples, peaches, and bread. There are a few chocolates too!

4. Never mind three wishes give me one good fantasy which would be … ?

Never having to worry about my own or my family‘s health and well-being again. That we all are living happy, fulfilling and healthy lives.

5. How do you think your readers see you as the writer of your blog as a person away from your blog?

I have absolutely no idea how they see me as a person away from the blog. As a blogger, I am a happy, positive, and optimistic person. I hope that they know that I am the same person in real life as well.

6. How do you wish to be seen and interpreted as a person away from your blog by the readers of your blog?

See the above answer.

7.Do our fears start with our DNA?

Some mental conditions travel through genes ( DNA). These include phobias too. The rest of the fears are a result of life experiences conditioning. If we teach a child to fear things, it will grow up fearful.

8. What is the truest quality of life in your opinion?

I think kindness and honesty are the truest qualities of life.

9. What do you think the secret is to you letting yourself go?

Letting go as in letting go of inhibitions would be a result of not giving a fig about the opinions of others.

Letting go as in stop caring for oneself is when we start to lose hope and don’t bother how we look or feel.

10. What stops you from being the truer version of you or are you already the truer version of you?


I am the truest version of myself.

11. What are 7 things you have learned about blogging since you started your blog that would be beneficial to other bloggers right now?

• Be yourself

• Try new things

Don’t restrict yourself

• Interact with the community

• Leave thoughtful comments

• Learn to pre-schedule posts and always have a few completed posts in drafts

Enjoy blogging

12. Should we care what other people think about us?

We should to some extent. If we don’t fear society, we can go off the railscompletely. But don’t Life in fear of people.

Thank you Rory for such thought-provoking questions.



14 thoughts on “12 Bloggerz – September 2020

  1. Totally agree. Especially #2… I’m still a kid😉 and #7… we teach our kids to be afraid of the unknown. That’s part of the problems of the world today. People who dont look like us, or eat what we eat, or have the same religious beliefs are “unknown” and “feared” and because adults don’t admit to fear, it becomes hatred. It’s so sad and so so wrong.

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