100 words Wednesday- 164

Bikurgurl is the host of 100 Words Wednesday

What 100 words would you give this image?


It’s all about what you do?

We are identified by where we work, what are our qualifications and salary.

Our job title becomes our identity in our work life and it doesn’t matter what lies behind this person because we are what we do!

A photographer is only judged by the quality of the photos they take. Their ideas, imagination all has to be reflected in their work.

People who express themselves creatively are the ones who get more recognition for their imagination! In fact, their work/ art becomes their identity.

So do what you do and be yourself, only!

100 Words



7 thoughts on “100 words Wednesday- 164

  1. We are very tied to our occupations. For most people their identity is very much dependent on their employment. I feel sad in these days of economic trials for the people who are out of work and questioning who they are. Great post, Sadje.

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